Mount Rainier

By far, my favorite piece yet! I love the Northwest and to me this gorgeous volcano is a true symbol of the pure beauty found in this corner of the country. I started with baby’s breath for the clouds and brown leaves for Mount Rainier. The ground is made of fig leaves and dark dahlia for the rocks. The snow is white hydrangea and I used blue delphinium for the water. The trees are made of ferns and I love how they move throughout. Last but not least I used the same leaves for the tiny wolves hiding in the trees.

My friend has the original so I have a 16 x 20 print hanging on my wall. It’s amazing how detailed even the larger print is! You can purchase a print from my Etsy shop here and they range from $16 – $24 for a 16 x 20.

Rainier Cropped RainierPrintFramed Rainier Close Up


Simple Garden

Some of the greatest treasures in life come from the tranquility of nature. This piece makes me think of a sunny day with nothing to do but admire the amazing simple beauty life has to offer. The butterfly is made from white hydrangea, the ground is fig leaf, and the garden is made of lily of the valley and some random yellow flowers I found in my backyard :). I hope you enjoy this simple garden!

SimpleGarden2 SimpleGarden1 SimpleGarden

Beach Pea

These beautiful vines grow alongside the beach here in the NW. They have gorgeous purple pea flowers and wild, twisting vines. Vines are some of my favorite plants to press. Vines may seem invasive to some but I admire their persistence to survive and flourish. The tiny ends are a miraculous design that grab onto everything. I have to laugh when trying to detach the little guys from each other because it seems their very purpose is to hold on for dear life. One of the most amazing facts about these plants is that the seeds can survive while floating in salt water for up to five years! This has caused them to be a native plant in many countries. You can read more on beach peas here: Beach Pea

Purple and Pink Memories of Summer

These eight purple and pink Toadflax (or Linaria) flowers were picked in the warm Summer months. With temperatures now in the forties and the cold rain pouring down I found myself daydreaming of warmer days as I look at these flowers. I used the home made press to slow dry these and I am very happy with the results! I love how their wild, little leaves stick out in every direction.

Linaria are perennial flowers that grow in late summer and have some very interesting properties. It’s noted to have been used as a diuretic, insecticide, and fever-reducer. Bees and other like insects are required for its pollination. You can read more about this beautiful flower here: About Linaria Flowers


These “Golden Chains” shine with vibrant, yellow pea-flowers.  The deciduous trees blossom in late spring and glow with bright yellow clusters. I’m so glad their amazing color stayed true after pressing!

You can read more about laburnum here:


Available for purchase here:

Patience is a Virtue

There is something so very majestic about these enormous birds. They move so gracefully, watch patiently for their meal, and if they fail they try, try again. I work near the water and often see these beauties take their long walk for lunch while I enjoy my pre-made one.
The main flower used for the heron is blue hydrangea. The detail is dark dahlia and orange rose petal. The mountains are hydrangea leaves and the ground is fig leaf. For the water I used delphinium. The marshy islands are made up of orange rose petal, grass-on endings, and pieces of pampas grass tussock. Lastly, the sun is a yellow dahlia.
Prints of the original are availble here:

Red Sky at Night

Happy June everyone! I have a wonderful piece to share that I made for a friend. The only request was for a piece with trees so I decided to do a “Cold Moon” 2.0. The whole thing was inspired by the early leaves that bloomed on one of my rose bushes. They have an amazing red iridescence! I used them for the ground cover. I used hydrangea leaves for the mountains and hydrangea stems for the trees. The sun is a dahlia flower and the birds are Japanese maple leaves. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it! 🙂