Pressed Flower Jewelry

Here are my latest attempts at pressed flower jewelry. Instead of the resin method I tried using a glass pendant. The drying time was cut significantly but the air bubbles were still a troublesome factor.

I started with the 1″x1″ card stock and adhered the flower to the paper using PPA (an ultraviolet adhesive). When that was dry I placed a thin layer of Mod Podge Dimensional Magic into the metal backing of the necklace and placed my paper into that. I carefully pressed down to release any air bubbles underneath and coated the top with either more PPA or Mod Podge (depending on how I thought the flower would react to the adhesive. The PPA is much more forgiving than the Mod Podge in most cases.

When that was dry (each drying time took an hour or two) I placed another thin layer of Mod Podge and carefully stuck the glass on top. While pressing down I wiped the edges of excess glue. After that I used folded paper to protect the glass and clamped the necklace using 2-3 paper clamps.

After about two hours I took off the clamps and cleaned the excess glue off using rubbing alcohol. It’s really fun to see a successful finished product but unfortunately only about half of my flowers could withstand the harsh process. In some cases the flowers browned or the color leaked. Overall I’d say it was a pretty good outcome to get the ones I did. Here they are!

BeYel2 Flame1 LilYel1 RedLeaf2 WLich3


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