Pressed Flower Jewelry II

It was a long process with many problems followed by solutions but I was able to find what worked. I started by setting a 2-part epoxy (Easy Cast) into the molds and letting them sit for 24 hours. After that I place the flowers down and covered them with another layer of epoxy. Here in Seattle it’s in the 40’s this time of year so I ran into the problem of bubbles. After the bubbles rose to the top I ran a hair dryer over the top and it seemed to get rid of the majority of them. I let them sit for another 36 hours and popped them out of their molds.

When they were thoroughly dry I used scissors to trim the edges and sanded them with 150 grit sandpaper, then with 1500 wet or dry sandpaper. They looked horrible after sanding and I was pretty worried but then I placed a layer of Mod Podge Dimensional Magic over them and they were as clear as glass! I used a 2 part epoxy glue to place the bezels on the back and voila! Here is the result. I can’t wait until more flowers come into bloom and the weather warms up to make a second batch!


2 thoughts on “Pressed Flower Jewelry II

  1. Well done, I think they look very successful. I do rather like some of the fine bubbles that remain in the casting.

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