Pressed Flower Jewelry

I’ve decided to try something new; pressed flower jewelry! So far it’s been a whole lot of trial and error but I think I’m getting the hang of it. These are some of my firsts and I have much more in the making. I used Mod Podge dimension on these and it works pretty well. I’ve found a big problem with the color running into the gloss so I’m working on finding what flowers and glues work. I used Perfect Paper Adhesive and I don’t think it’s quite doing the trick. I’ve been reading that Mod Podge gloss works best so I’m going to give that a try this weekend. Also, I got a clear epoxy and molds to try out. It’s such a tedious but rewarding art! It takes several days and several layers but the finished result is well worth the time I think. I’m including links to amazing artists that have this technique down. I have no idea how they even do some of these pieces! Happy Friday everyone!!


2 thoughts on “Pressed Flower Jewelry

  1. They look pretty good from here, so good luck with the experiments! Many years ago I used to do resin craft, such as embedding shells in resin, making paperweight blocks, etc….always enjoyed it but haven’t got the space (or time) to do more right now. There’s certainly a lot of scope for making small epoxy-resin pieces; and as you say, often you have to play around to see what works.

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