St. John’s Wort

What a lovely flower to press! I’d never seen a St. John’s Wort flower before I picked this one and honestly thought it was named after St. John’s Wart :roll:! I’d heard the name in passing and it’s funny how we carry what we think for so long until the knowledge reaches us! I’ve read different thoughts on the history of the name. Most of them describe the origin as the flower being harvested around Saint John’s Day. Wort is an Old English word for plant and has nothing to do with warts. 🙂

Hypericum perforatum has a history as vibrant as its gorgeous flower. Different translations of the flower share a similar meaning. They mostly describe the plant as having the ability to keep evil spirits at bay. The Greek word Hypericum or hyperikon means  “over image or apparition,” and perforatum means “punctured,” and refers to the spots on the leaves, which are oil glands, that appear in a certain stage of its life cycle.

This flower really took well to the pressing and the yellow has yet to fade. I wish I had picked more but I always like to try flowers out before ripping the whole lot out. There’s always next year. It reminds me of a little rhyme that came to me soon after beginning my pressing journey and it goes as such:

Most flowers are free,

But take heed to greed,

Take only what you really need! 🙂


4 thoughts on “St. John’s Wort

  1. I have a shrub with these flowers in my garden….and very prolific it is too! Interesting to see how well it has pressed flat.

  2. Gorgeous. I’ve pressed flowers for years, have exhibited and won ribbons in the Philadelphia Flower Show. I think I have seen your compositions on Etsy and they are stunning. Happy Pressing. Kathy

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