Red Roses on Yellow

I don’t think you can ever go wrong when it comes to pressing roses. They are strong, bendable, and retain their color very well. I use roses in almost all of my flower art because of this. I decided to pay tribute to the ever-so-popular rose flower in this piece by displaying it in its natural form. This press was a bit different. I normally take each petal and reconstruct the rose after it’s pressed but with these I just stuck the whole flower in the press. Normally this wouldn’t work out so well but apparently the rose can handle just about any kind of pressing! One more reason to love it. I used a bright yellow background to make the red pop. I especially like the dark edges around each petal. Hope you enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Red Roses on Yellow

  1. It must be years since I’ve seen someone doing pressed flowers and leaves. I think the roses look vibrant on that yellow. I’m intrigued also by the landscape in the right-hand column.

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