Mukilteo Lighthouse and Ferry

It’s been quite a while since my last post. I’ve been working on a few pieces over the last couple months and thought I’d share one. This is the Mukilteo Lighthouse and Ferry.

White rose petals make up the white in the fence, lighthouse, and ferry. The mountains are hydrangea leaves. The vegetation along the road and the bush are carrot leaves and fern pieces. Lilac leaves make up the rest of the green. The blue water is delphinium. Lastly, the birds and stairs are dark red dahlia.

Mukilteo is one of my favorite places in Washington! Before I moved here from Maryland 7 years ago I visited my sister who was living here at the time. She took me to Kosta’s (best Greek food ever) then Mukilteo to watch an amazing sun set over the Puget Sound. I was so in love I decided to move and 2 months later called myself a Washingtonian!


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