NASA ISS Patch for Etsy Contest

Funny story…

So this is an entry for the NASA/ Etsy contest. Whether it’s actually in the contest we will see tomorrow :/. I came across this contest about a week before the entries were due so I knew the pressure was on! I love a little excitement but this may have been a bit overboard lol. I started with an outline of the whole patch and laid down the red and gold. The red from dahlia petals and the gold from rose petals. After that I filled the outside and space with dark red dahlia petals. Next the earth with blue hydrangea for water and fig leaves for land. Then the space station, orbit, and stars out of white rose petals. The olive branches on the bottom are made of fig leaves and red dahlia for the ribbon. The letters caused a few panic attacks. I used the orange rose petals for those. So this is where I say THANK YOU to the hubby because without him I couldn’t have done this. He cut out the olive leaves, stars, and all the tiny pieces of the chain. Thanks to the in-laws watching the kiddos, we spent about 11 straight hours on the last day cutting and pasting flowers! Probably not healthy but oh well lol :). Doing this piece together was so rewarding! Ok, now the funny (or not so funny part).

That night the entries were due at midnight. I am putting Nick to bed, it’s 9:30 and I sit up and yell “EASTERN TIME!!!” Poor Nick had a heart attack. I checked and yes, it was set to be due on midnight in DC so 9pm our time. We will see but hopefully I’ll see it tomorrow when everyone has the chance to vote!

10 pm 11/12/2010- Saw the list and I’m not there :/. Oh well, it was fun to make overall! 🙂


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