Country Farm Inspired by Highway 2 Drive

This is my most recent picture that I felt inspired to make after the fam and I took a drive through the mountains on highway 2. I used up the last of my light blue hydrangea for the sky. The mountains are the same hydrangea, just ones that browned in the book I was pressing them in. A useful mistake! 🙂 The red of the barn is made of red dahlia petals. The fence and Mr. Cheeky Bull (to those who’ve seen Australia) are made of dark red dahlia petals. The white on the barn are roses (thank you hubby :)). The ground and the distant tree are fig leaves. The yellow flowers I’m actually unsure of, anybody know the name? I think the toughest part of this was the bull. I tried and tried and ended up with a donkey each time until my husband pointed out to make the horns brown and not dark like the rest of the cow! I love how an outside perspective can help so much!


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